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New Zealand is a remote country encompassing two major islands in the heart of the Southern Pacific
Ocean. It is similar in size to the UK ((268,000 sq. km compared to the UK’s 243,000) but has a
population of 4,500,000 compared to the UK’s 64,000,000. It is a very rural country and is home to over
30,000,000 sheep.
New Zealand is a beautiful country with a diverse climate. There are subtropical beaches along the
northern shore of North Island whereas South Island is much cooler. It is encircled by the fjord and
separated by a variety of mountains called the Southern Alps. The country is home to unique wildlife
including flightless birds such as the kiwi and kakapo.
Despite the natural beauty, many young New Zealanders leave to find excitement elsewhere and many
do not return. The New Zealand government has been actively courting immigrants for some time.
These efforts have increased since the earthquake that destroyed much of Christchurch, the largest city
on South Island, in 2011.
There are therefore many openings for migrants who want to live and work there, New Zealand is
looking for thousands of accomplished workers in many fields, mostly in construction and medicine. The
country has an exceptional standard of living and low levels of crime.

Visa regime

New Zealand has a variety of work visas ranging from short-term working holiday visas, through longer-
lasting temporary work visas to permanent resident visas.
There are also visas available for entrepreneurs and investors. We can also help you with student visas,
with Family Stream visas, for those joining a family member already working in New Zealand and even
with visitors’ visas.

Education in New Zealand

There are in total 3 categories of educational institutions in New Zealand: public universities,
polytechnics, and Private Training Providers. New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) offer
accreditations to these private institutions for issuing degrees and diploma. Education in New Zealand is
relatively affordable as Tuition Fee and Cost of Living are lower owing to the NZD exchange rates in
comparison to AUD, USD & other currencies.
Other than the popular Engineering, Sciences and Management courses which are a vital part of
Education in New Zealand , students can also find a variety of English language, Aviation Flight Training,
Air Traffic Control, Business Computing, Dance, Design and Arts, Religious Studies, Travel and Tourism
and Hospitality courses to choose from.

Following one’s education in New Zealand provides a choice for choosing both undergraduate and
postgraduate programs. A student, who plans to study in New Zealand, can choose from a degree or
diploma based on their qualification and interest. Both of them are recognized for jobs within New
Zealand and immigration purposes.

Entry Criterion for Study in New Zealand

Academic requirement

Candidates need 10+2 or equivalent educational qualification who wishes to study in New Zealand for
their undergraduate programs and those intending to study in New Zealand for their post-graduation
will require a Bachelor’s degree in a relevant field.
Past academic record in the same field is also required apart from for admission into management fields
which is open to all students who study in New Zealand. However, some institutions, providing
education in New Zealand require past work experience for management courses.
The academic programs are divided into different levels keeping in mind students with the different
academic profile. However, most students can find programs that fit their profile.
Doctoral programs are also available for some streams.
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