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UK is one of the oldest nations in the world. It’s a stronghold of culture, innovation and afternoon
tea is something that is popular all over the planet. Even with its looming way out from the European
Union, the nation has successfully turned out to be a home to multiple affluent 500 companies including
Vodafone, Rolls-Royce, Unilever, and HSBC. The education system in the UK boasts of some of the best
universities in the world including Oxford University which was started in 1096 AD, almost a millennium
The UK is one of the World's most popular immigration destinations for people wishing to live and work
in a new country. However, the UK's immigration system is restrictive. From 2008 to 2010 the UK's five-
tier, points-based visa system was phased in, which measures applicants against various criteria
designed to assess their eligibility for a UK work or study visa. Most work-related visa applications, as
well as Tier 4 study visa applications, are now made through this system.
Since 2010 the UK government has made a series of changes to UK immigration law in order to restrict
immigration to the UK, especially from outside of the EEA.

5 Tier UK Visa Systems

The UK five tier Visa System consists of the following:

Tier 1 Visa:

This visa category is for 'high-value migrants' from outside the EEA and covers entry of
entrepreneurs, investors, and those very few people who come under the 'exceptional talent' visa.

Tier 2 Visa:

This category is for 'skilled workers' from outside the EEA with a job offer in the UK. It
includes skilled workers who are transferred to the UK by an international company, skilled workers
where there is a proven shortage in the UK, ministers of religion and sportspeople.

The Tier 2 visa:

Is the most famous section courses to the United Kingdom for talented specialists who
are subjects of different nations outside the European Economic Area. The candidate needs to fill the
basics of the Tier 2 visa. Level 2 visas are for the public from outside of the nation who has been offered
artistic employment.

The term of the Tier 2 visa relies upon the time duration offered by the supporting organization. The visa
holder will be very much allowed to enjoy the employment until unless the length of the visa is finished.

In cases where the candidate needs to move to another business, at that point he/she requires another
application. There are four classifications under the Tier 2 visa which incorporates intra organization
exchange, general tire 2 visas, sports individuals and priests of the religion.

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Tier 3 Visa:

This category was designed for low-skilled workers filling specific temporary labor shortages.
The Government has so far never allocated any visas under this scheme. Unfortunately, this means that
you cannot apply for the Tier 3 visa scheme.

Tier 4 Visa:

This category is for students aged over 16 from outside the EEA who wish to study in the UK.
Applicants must have a place at a registered UK educational establishment before they can apply.
Level 4 Student Visa is a piece of the United Kingdom Boarder Agency's Points Based framework (PBS).
This understudy visa is for candidates who longing to examine a course in UK Universities or
organizations for over a half year.
Tier 4 Student Visa holder has a benefit of expanding the time span of their visa within the and there is
no need to visit back to their native nation for extending the time. There is also no need for another
application when the visa holder changes his/her course to another course at a similar foundation. In
any case, changing the foundation or support will require another application to be held up.
A Tier 4 Student Visa doesn’t facilitate in gaining everlasting residency in the UK. It is an impermanent
visa that is planned for a particular reason. The candidate for this visa needs to demonstrate adequate
assets for his/her support in the UK. Level 4 Student Visa holders can work once their course has started.
They can work low maintenance for 20 hours every week and for boundless hours amid excursions. They
can likewise take a shot at temporary jobs in view of their courses. Adroit tour and travels  is a presumed association
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Tier 5 Visa:

This category contains six sub-tiers of temporary worker including creative and sporting,
charity, religious workers, and the youth mobility scheme which enables about 55,000 young people
every year to work in the UK on working holidays. The visas are awarded to young people from countries
that have reciprocal arrangements with the UK.
Tire 5 Youth portability allows a visa for youngsters who are eagerly waiting to live and work in UK. In
the event that you are from a nation whose nationals can go under the Youth Mobility Scheme, at that

point you can pick up passage with no occupation offer. For a couple of other Tier 5 visa classes, you
ought to have an occupation offer from an authorized support, and you should pass a focuses based
evaluation. The UK government consistently assigns a specific number of spots for every nation and
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On the off chance that the candidate comes to UK under Tier 5 visa then he/she will be allowed to do
any he/she jumps at the chance to do here, however the candidate needs to leave UK toward the finish
of the remain. The visa holder ought not see this visa as a course to build a long haul profession in UK.
This is on the grounds that after the holder leaves the nation, there will be no affirmation that he/she
will be permitted to return immediately as a Tier 2 or Tier 5 foreigner, to work in a similar occupation for
a similar manager.


A candidate can apply for Dependency Visa in light of his/her reliance on the individual who is
supporting his visa application and is as of now settled as a lasting inhabitant or subject of UK. Reliance
Visa enables the candidate to apply for ILR (Indefinite Leave to Remain) in the UK. This is frequently
known as changeless residency. It is essential for the holders of ILR not to spend a time of over two
years outside the nation. This may prompt the loss of ILR. It is vital for the candidate to demonstrate
that the individual settle in UK on whom he/she will end up being a ward has every one of the assets to
help you and any of you depends who will go with you.
The UK Dependency Visa has no migration related limitations. The candidate can take up a work or
business upon his/her entry. There is no limitation on as far as possible on this visa. There are couple of
particular restrictions on the wards, in light of the kind of visa held by the support, for example, the
length of the relationship they share with the important candidate for all time settled in the UK and the
age of the wards.


A Sole Representative Visa is intended for organizations that need to grow and set up their business in
the United Kingdom. This visa helps the parent organization to grow abroad. The abroad organization is
allowed to send one of their agents to set up a branch or a backup office in UK.
To set up a business the candidate needs to complete statistical surveying, consult with providers and
clients, and the most essential is to enroll the organization in UK. The visa holder must be enlisted as a

worker of the organization outside UK. He/she should be a delegate of the organization which has its
primary office outside of UK. It is then just he/she is qualified to set up a branch in UK.

Other UK visas

The five-tier system covers most work, study, and investment visas. But visitor visas, family visas, and
some UK business visas fall outside of the five tiers.
UK Visitor Visas: This section has the information you need to enter the UK as a visitor, whether for
business or pleasure
UK Family Visas: Whether you want to bring your family to the UK, or join a family member already living
there, this section covers the main UK visa options for families.
UK Business Visas: This section covers a limited number of long-term business visas which fall outside of
the five-tier system.

The Education System in the UK

The UK has some of the most mature and reputed educational institutions in the world. The nation
chiefly has 2 types of educational institutions, the traditional institutions and the modern institutions.
The traditional is many centuries old and the second one is developed in the last 200 years or less. The
education system in the UK is very much known for their shorter duration courses (1-year masters and
3-year Bachelors’) and comprises of both universities and colleges that offer degree and diploma
Students from India, who wish to study in the UK, prefer Master’s Programs as it is among the few
places where a world-class Masters’ program can be completed in 1 year. The UK education system
offers sandwich programs which are study–work programs at the Bachelor’s level and which are very
popular among candidates who come for an abroad education to the country.

Entry Standard

Academic requirement – Candidates aiming to study in the UK for a Bachelor’s degree require 10+2 or
equivalent educational qualification. Application for a Bachelor’s program has to be filed through UKAS
and candidates intending to study in the UK for a master’s degree needs to hold a bachelor’s degree in
any field.
Past academic record in the same field is desirable though not mandatory under the education in the
UK. Admission into management fields is open to all students who study in the UK. However, some
universities also require GMAT score and/or past work experience for admission into MBA programs.

Students who intend to study in the UK and possess strong academic profiles can obtain admission into
high-demand traditional universities. Students, who come to study in the UK but possess an average
profile, can also get admission into some modern universities and colleges that offer good quality