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Canada is a country of opportunities for immigrants. It enlarges almost all the privileges of the citizens to
the immigrants. The migrants can work and stay in any part of the country. Canada Permanent
Residency (PR) can be achieved through living for 3 continuous years in the country and the family
members are also allowed to stay with the immigrant. The country has a low crime rate and offers a
high-quality life to those with Canada PR status. The new residents are allowed to have the same status,
freedom and rights as that of preceding ones.
Education is the other factor that drives thousands of foreign students to migrate to Canada and
become professional adepts. The expenditure on the education made in the country supersedes any
other country in the world. The work opportunities are equally qualitative. The deserving candidates get
to engage in satisfying jobs too.
At, Adroit tour and travel  our competent movement instructors are revitalized related to various Canadian visas
which incorporate guest visa, understudy visa, work allow visa, business visa, Canadian experience class
visa, commonplace visa, family visa, and so on.


Canada Tourist/Visit Visa is a temporary visa that enables the candidate to visit the country either for an
occasion or to visit any companion or family. This visa is generally allowed for a half year and can be
extended relying on the requirements.
Any person, who wishes to visit Canada for a temporary stay probably for the purpose of studying for a
short-term course, short-term work assignment, visit relatives and family or for a vacation or holiday,
will need to apply for and obtain a Canada visitor visa before they can enter the country.
The visa holder cannot to engage in any occupation under this visa and is expected to leave Canada
preceding the visa terminates. There are distinct sorts of visas under this category including A Single
Entry Canada Visitor Visa that enables the contender to investigate Canada for a time of a half year.
The second one is the Multiple Entry Canada Visitor Visa. Here, the candidate can get in and leave on
various occasions amid the legitimacy of the Canadian travel visa. And a Transit Canada Visa is produced
for people travelling with Canada making a beeline for yet another area; the length of stay ought not to
be longer than 48 hours.
Adroit tour and travels  helps their clients with all the Migration and Visa preparing process. We will help them
introduce their visa application in the event and make sure that they meet all the principles and
guidelines of the visa procedure. Our group of experts will completely supervise each and every update
concerning the procedure.


Canada welcomes business owners and Entrepreneurs as well as self-employed farmers or athletes
under the business visa to Canada categories.  They also provide numerous opportunities for investors
and entrepreneurs. Anyone interested in investing in the booming economy of the country can go for
Entrepreneur Visa, Business Visa, Self-Employed Visa or Start-Up Visa.
Canadian Business Visas are grouped into 3 sorts
1) Entrepreneur Program
This visa is aimed at people with a demonstrated successful business background with a genuine intent
to own a business in Canada. The business can be a new venture or buy into an existing Canadian
Once granted this visa, it allows you to:
         Establish a new or existing business in Canada
         Live and Work in Canada with your dependent family as Permanent Residents
         Multiple entries into Canada for as long as the visa is valid
         Apply for Canadian Citizenship within 4 years

2) Self-Employed Persons

The Self-employed visa to Canada is not as transparent as it may first appear. The term self-employed
does not extend to all people who are currently self-employed and is only aimed specifically at self-
employed Farmers or athletes. Applicants who are self-employed under other categories such as trades
or professional occupations should refer to the Federal Skilled Worker Class or Entrepreneur Class.

3) Immigrant Investor Program

The Immigrant Investor Program aim is to pay exceptional minds that can transmit funding to Canada to
enhance its economy. The Entrepreneur Program plans to attract experienced professionals who have
vital abilities to deal with organizations in Canada and can enhance organizations execution.

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Business Visas. We help our customers by moulding our panel according to the expectation of the
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Canada has developed one of the world’s finest education systems, with the Government spending over
12% of their annual budget on Education in Canada. Their internationally recognized qualifications and
attractive tuition fees make Canada a competitive destination for international students.
Canadian Universities stand among the top global rankings and students from all over the world try to
get into one the prestigious institutions in the country.  Universities such as McGill University, University
of Toronto and HEC Montreal are amongst the top-ranked universities in the world.

Canada Student Visa additionally referred to as the Canada Study Permit. It is for students who have
been offered a letter from a Canadian Education Institution who wish to study in Canada. Canada has
turned into one amongst the best study destinations for foreign nationals due to its top-notch education
and learning system, low tuition costs and excellent employment possibility.
The need for the Student visa differs depending upon the opted study, the academic history of the
applicant and their country of citizenship. The Study Visa is valid until the student finishes his/her
education. Adroit tour and travels  is one stop for all your Immigration and Visa processing. We will help our clients in
processing their visa application if they meet the rules and regulations of the visa process. Our team of
professionals always keeps a track of all the updates pertaining to your process. If you have a Letter of
Acceptance and meet the basic requirements, take our assistance and get in touch today!


Employment opportunities in Canada are evident like many popular migrant destinations, it is
experiencing skills shortages and therefore welcomes international, skilled workers.  The following
industries are currently experiencing skills shortages:
1) Hospitality
2) Health and Social Care
3) Engineering
4) Information Technology
5) Trade
6) Finance and Insurance
Under the Work Permit to Canada visa class, applicants are required to have an offer of employment
from an employer within Canada.  Should you be qualified and experienced, especially in the industries
above, get job hunting in Canada today!


This visa is legitimate until the length of the examination program, up to a most extreme of three years.
Once the candidate is conceded the visa there are no limitations on the sort of business the understudy
can take up. There is no employment offer required for the understudy he/she can begin new to search
the occupation. Under this visa, the global graduates would now be able to procure three years open
work allow. They can work for any Canadian business in any enterprises. The visa holder needs to apply
for Social Insurance Number (SIN) once the work allow is gotten. This will help the candidate to make
government reasoning and document for money impose.
The CIC (Citizenship and Immigration Canada) has at present rolled out improvements in the Post-
Graduate Work Permit Program. They have made it more responsive and adaptable to hold the global
understudies to work in Canada. Adroit tour and travels  will give finished help to getting a Canada post-graduate
work to allow Visa. Our master advisors will direct you in the documentation procedure, which makes it
simple for you to secure the visa.


Family Immigration for Canada is one of the arrangements of Canada PR Visa. Candidates that are
Canadian nationals or long haul inhabitants could support their significant other/spouse, matrimonial
buddy, customary law friend, dependent kid or different another entitled relative, (for example,
mothers and father or grandparent) to come to be a Canadian long-haul occupant. Relatives being
supported under the Family Visa aggregate don't need to attempt a focuses based examination.
To be qualified for support, the Canadian local people or property holders must be beyond 18 years old,
should be remaining in Canada and must need to support/bolster their accomplice or relatives for the
length of 3 to 10 years. The enrollees are furthermore responsible for maintaining their relatives
monetarily when they arrive and should ensure their companion or cherished one don't discover fiscal
guide from the central government.
We are one stop for all your Migration and Visa handling. We help our clients show their visa application
on the off chance that they meet the tenets and controls of the visa procedure.


Canada's Self Employed Visa is for people who are planning to settle for independent work. Candidates
towards this visa need to be promising towards their social existence of Canada. They must have
significant involvement in taking an interest at worldwide levels in the field of culture, craftsmanship,
game and diversion exercises recorded by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC). The candidates
applying for this visa must have cause or motive of setting up a business that makes the commitment
towards the monetary improvement of Canada.
Adroit tour and travels  gives far-reaching help to acquiring Canada's Self Employed Visa. Our master Immigration
advisors will control you in the documentation procedure, which makes it simple for you to secure the
Canadian Self Employed Visa